Who Defines Quality?

Donna Cryer | President & CEO Global Liver Institute
Donna Cryer is a patient with a powerful story and a strong view: Quality is what the patient says it is. A liver transplant recipient, she lives the patient perspective. She explains how care must grow as patient-centered medicine evolves into consumer-driven health and wellness.


Assume Nothing, Except This Patient is Different from the One Before

Sachin H. Jain, MD, MBA | Chief Medical Officer, CareMore Health System, Anthem Inc.

Can patients actually love an insurance company? Dr. Sachin Jain’s answer is “yes.” The chief medical officer for a California-based Medicare Advantage health plan, he explains why the central opportunity in health care is to acknowledge the diversity of those we serve—and to meet them where they are.


Quality Improvement, Not Unicorns, Will Save Healthcare

Andrey Ostrovsky, MD | Co-Founder & CEO, Care at Hand
That’s the question this advocate for better use of health care technology asks and answers. Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky wants more data-driven decisions. He wants better technology, to bring care closer to patients’ homes. Ostrovsky says quality measurement is the answer for steady—and safe—innovation.


How to Make Going to the Doctor Less Terrible

Thompson Aderinkomi | Founder & CEO, Retrace Health
Fed up with the cost and stress of taking his infant son to the pediatrician too many times for too few results, health economist Thompson Aderinkomi designed a Web-based doctor-on-demand service that upends the reliance on office visits.



The Prescription for the Future: More than Medicine

Rebecca Onie | Co-Founder & CEO, Health Leads
Rebecca Onie is certain that health systems have a role and responsibility in addressing patients’ social needs—food, shelter, safety—in addition to medical care.



Primary Care: How do We Define Quality?

Tom Lee, MD, MBA | CEO, One Medical Group
Tom Lee has bold ideas about what high-quality primary care looks like and how to deliver it. The medical group he started in 2007 in the San Francisco Bay area has grown to 27 locations and serves technology leaders such as Uber, Adobe and Fitbit.



Better Med for the Money

Mary Roth McClurg, PharmD, MHS | Associate Professor, UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
It won’t surprise you that Mary Roth McClurg will talk prescription drugs: she’s a pharmacist. What may surprise you is that she says much of the $271 billion we spent on prescription drugs last year was wasted.



Population Health: The Overhaul

Grace Terrell, MD | President and CEO, Cornerstone Health Care
The health care system needs an overhaul. Dr. Grace Terrell sees that firsthand, every day, as CEO of one of North Carolina’s first accountable care organizations (ACO). Terrell describes her ACO adventure (with more than 350 physician partners alongside) as providing answers for population health as a whole.


Motivating the Masses With A Spoon Full of Sugar?

Kevin Volpp, MD, PHD | Professor of Medicine and Health Care Management, Perelman School of Medicine and the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
At the intersection of psychology and economics—that’s where you’ll find Dr. Kevin Volpp’s insight. His expertise and passion—behavioral economics—offers novel answers to vexing questions: Why do good people do things they know are bad for them?

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