Get Approval to Attend Quality Talks (’16)

By NCQA on July 26, 2016 in Quality Talks

Want to attend Quality Talks but need to convince your boss? We drafted this letter—outlining the values of attending Quality Talks in person will bring to your organization. Fill in the blanks and show how this one-day event can bring you and your organization ideas for improving health care quality. Copy and paste it or click here for a Word version of the letter. Use discount code APPROVED for an in-person registration at $95. Offer ends August 21, 2016 and cannot be applied to previous registration.

Don’t need approval? Register now before it’s sold out!

Dear [Enter recipient’s name here],

I’d like to request approval to attend Quality Talks 2016, which takes place on October 24 in Washington, DC. Unlike other traditional health care conferences, Quality Talks is a series of stirring, succinct talks by current and emerging health care leaders with visions for collaborative improvement of American health care.

In addition to dynamic, thought-provoking speakers, the event features unique, interactive hub sessions where speakers and attendees continue the discussion off stage. Networking with these thought leaders will be a valuable experience, as will hearing ideas about how care can be delivered in a new way.

This year’s event gathers nine inspiring health care thought leaders to discuss the following topics:

  • Disparities & Other Health Drivers.
  • Reimagining Cancer Care.
  • The Health Plan of the Future.

The event Web site provides information on the speakers, in addition to a list of organization attendees.

The discounted registration fee of $95 expires on August 21.

Please respond promptly! I’d like to be able to take advantage of the discounted registration, as well as the special room rates and availability, which are on a “first come, first served” basis. This will be a great opportunity to network and learn from thought leaders in health care and will benefit my professional development and our organization.


[Enter your name here]

Quality Talks
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