Quality Talks: Speaker Hubs Enhance the Experience

By Adam O'Neill on May 1, 2017 in Quality Talks

When we held the first Quality Talks in the autumn of 2015, we were anxious to hear what our guests and speakers thought about, well, everything. The speakers. The topics of the talks. The venue.

One thing we heard about most was the format. People liked (and were inspired by) the short stage presentations. But they really liked the “Hubs,” which took place during the downtime between presentations. Hubs are essentially 30-minute, intimate discussions hosted by our speakers in a “living room” setting. They’re designed to encourage one-on-one conversations about Quality Talks topics.

In 2016, we heard even more positive reviews about Quality Talks and the Hubs. So we figured, why mess with success? We’re pleased to announce that Speaker Hubs will be back this year to encourage more discussions.

Rave Reviews

Our speakers like the Hubs because they have more time to offer additional context to presentations. Audience members appreciate the opportunity to meet and network with speakers.

Take a look at some reactions to the Hubs.

Quality Talks 2017

Last year’s audience liked the speakers so much, we asked them to recommend new speakers for this year’s event!

We hope to see you. Because more discussion, more conversation, more shared ideas can foster more quality improvement. And isn’t that what Quality Talks are about?

Quality Talks
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