Health Care Isn’t Just About Health Care

By NCQA on August 6, 2015 in Speaker Profiles

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QT-Speakers-1The United States is all wrong in how it does health insurance and primary care, and Thompson Aderinkomi knows how to improve the situation now: by taking employers out of the equation.

“One thing I know is true: we can’t go on having employers pay for health care, or health insurance specifically,” said Aderinkomi. “It cannot be an employer’s responsibility to pay for health insurance in a world where they don’t pay for our car insurance or our home insurance.”

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But wouldn’t this mean that fewer people are covered? Not exactly, according to Aderinkomi.

Not if health insurance becomes something consumers want to pay for.

“People buy products that they value, and look for companies that care about their customers,” said Aderinkomi. “If there are insurance companies that demonstrate their value, and genuinely care about their customers, then even young people will buy health insurance.”

Aderinkomi’s company (RetraceHealth) and other startups are trying revolutionize how people protect themselves from events that can endanger their health. Offering a consumer friendly health care product that people want to buy encourages cost savings.

“If we could inject employers’ trillion dollars of health care spending back into our economy, even if we burn half of it in a campfire, we are still going to be better off,” said Aderinkomi.

Aderinkomi will elaborate on why “health care isn’t just about health care” at NCQA’s Quality Talks 2015.

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