A Real Chance To Take Risks

By NCQA on August 17, 2015 in Speaker Profiles

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QT-Speakers-6Sitting in his scrubs, Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky explains how easily details can be overlooked when treating a patient. There are real system challenges in care coordination.

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The first challenge is the lack of alignment between the physician and the needs of the patient or family. “We have a real chance here to take risks for a population that needs us to take risks,” says Ostrovsky.

He is willing to take those risks to give the best possible care to his patients.

His first gamble—Care at Hand, a mobile early-warning system for home care—has already made waves. Dr. Ostrovsky opened Care at Hand so caregivers and nonmedical staff can spend time with their patients, observe them and alert the health care system when problems arise. This is a good way to prevent hospital readmissions, says Ostrovsky.

Care at Hand focuses on the Medicaid population. The change from fee-for-service pushes Medicaid providers to enhance care coordination and deliver better outcomes.

“The social impact we can have is profound—much more so, I would argue, than any research we could be doing, more than any policy work we could be doing, and certainly [can have] much more social impact than working in private equity to make the next rich white guy even richer,” says Ostrovsky.

Ostrovsky plans to make an impact with his company and his work. He will discuss bringing care closer to home at NCQA’s Quality Talks 2015.


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